Turtle Watching Tour (Seasonal (July-October)

Go out with a trained guide in the evening and enjoy the natural wonder, a turtle that comes nesting on the beach. Get information about the different sea turtles, the Loggerhead turtle, the volunteers’ fieldwork and the entire process.


In a small group:

€ 60,00 per adult
€ 30,00 per child (4-11 years old)

In Private:

€75,00 per adult
€30,00 per child (4-11 years old)

If you are traveling with a group, please let us know so that you can enjoy the family discount.

Whale Watching Tour (Seasonal (March-May)

Go with a guide on a boat and be the first to spot a whale! And if you are lucky then they will jump and sing for you.


On a Big sailing Yacht
Included Transfer, Drinks, Fingerfood, a Biologist onboard for all the information. But also Sunbeds, Shadow places, Seats and toilets available.
€ 83,00 per adult
€41,50 between 4-11 years old

On the Catamaran
Included Transfer, Drinks, Snacks and a Biologist onboard for all the information.
€80,00 per adult
€40,00 per child between 4-10 years old


Star Gazing

Enjoy watching the stars in the desert of Viana. Included transfer and a local diner. Do you know already something about the stars and planets? No problem! This excursions is amazing for everybody!


€60,00 Each adult
€30,00 Each child 4-11 years old.