On this page we would like to introduce ourselves personally. This way you immediately know which tour guide you can expect during your excursion.

Caroline Mourik

My name is Caroline, Jolanda Mourik, born in Nieuw-Beijerland in 1969 as an afterthought in a family of 6, I also have 2 sisters and a brother. And of course my beautiful daughter Nathasja Wüst of whom I am very proud. Together with her I went on this sometimes overwhelming adventure in April 2018. The love for this island literally started at the top of the airplane stairs in December 2013 and has only grown since then. I think the nature on Boa Vista is beautiful and extremely varied, but I always say in my tours, you have to want to see it, and to be honest, luckily most of my guests see it too. Is life here easy for me, no absolutely not, since I can’t master the language (Creole) either, but no matter how difficult I sometimes have it, the beauty of the island and the help to the animals and the population help me on my feet again, and of course my time with our guests, from which sometimes valuable friendships arise. You can mainly encounter me in the 4×4 private tours, sometimes at the airport handing out our flyers, and accepting donation materials. Hopefully I can also greet you soon in one of our 4×4 private Tours, my favorite? The Grande Boa Vista Tour where you can admire the whole island in one day. Because Boa Vista is beautiful. 😍

Nathasja Wüst

My name is Nathasja Wüst, I was born in Dordrecht on January 24, 1994. My first time Boa Vista was in December 2013, what a wonderful holiday that was. From that moment on I knew that I wanted to do more here than just have a holiday. At that time I was following the Social Cultural Worker course in The Hague and so I couldn’t plan anything yet, because the paper had to be received first. But actually soon after the end of the training came into view, I started to see what I could do here, it became something with the children that was one thing for sure! But actually the love for the island became so great that the plans also got bigger. And now I’m here and I’m a Tourguide, Turtle guide and I support a school in the slum. I never expected to work in tourism, but I think it’s great. Every tour is different, not only because we try to plan the tours according to the wishes of the guests, but also all guests are different and that makes it a lot of fun. At this moment me and my Husband Aridson (better known as Ary) are preparing to move to Sao Vicente, to make Boa Vista Carefy bigger and operating on different Islands aswell. This will be a project for the next 2-3 years. 

Aridson Evora

My name is Aridson Evora, the Husband of Nathasja.  I born on 16th of March 1989 and I am from Sao Vicente, one of the 10 islands of Cape Verde. I live already for a few years on Boa Vista, and I was working in the kitchen as a Chef in Perola Chaves, Cambar do Sol and Churrasqueira Sal Rei. Now I am working with Boa Vista Carefy and you can meet me during the Barbeque tours, Snorkeling at the Coral Bay, in any other excursion together with Nathasja or giving flyers at the airport. I am still learning, but can’t wait till I can meet you all and show you the beautifull places of Boa Vista.

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Cheny dos Santos

Hello, My name is Cheny and I come from Santiago, one of the southern Cape Verde islands. I worked in the kitchen at Riu Touareg for a number of years, but I have now been working for and with Boa Vista Carefy for at least a year. You can meet me during a Quad tour or a 4×4 tour. I also sometimes help Ary with the barbecue tours. I hope to meet you all soon and show you the island during an adventurous quad tour or a great 4×4 tour.