Are you completely enthusiastic about what you have read on our website and would you like to book a tour? Then here are some useful tips and explanations on how to make your reservation.

How can you book?

You can book your tour with us quickly and easily via e-mail, whatsapp, Google business, Instagram or a message on Facebook.

Whatsapp: 00238-9807852

You may be thinking, why can’t we make reservations here directly via a calendar? This is because we plan and carry out our private tours according to availability. If we were to work with an online agenda, it would be very difficult and there would be over/double bookings. Of course we understand that it is very easy, but ultimately very difficult for us.

What about payment?

You pay us for the excursions in cash on the day of the tour. Preferably as appropriate as possible, in connection with returning euros.

What about other excursions in collaboration with a third party? Of course we cannot fully arrange all excursions ourselves, however much we would like to do so. That is why we work together with third parties, such as a beautiful and relaxed boat trip, an active quad tour, etc.