Conditions Boa Vista Carefy:


  • When you cancel a tour shorter than 24 hours before pick up, we ask a 100% payment of the excursion.

  • When you have to cancel the tour because of sickness or other accidents, you have to let us know more than 1 hour before pick up time, this because the time we have to travel to your hotel or appartment. When we have doubts about the reason we can ask a paper of the doctor, another reservation or a 100% payment of the amount of the excursion.


  • Before making pictures of people, like the tourguide, the driver, children or locals, we would like to ask you to ask their permission before. This because of privacy.

  • When you make pictures during your tour and you will share them with us, you can share them by yourself on our facebookpage or when you will share your pictures anonymous, you can send them to or in a private message to our facebook.

  • Children below the age of 12, are the full responsibility of the parents/guardians.

  • When you don’t have respect for the nature, local population, animals, taxi driver or tourguide, we have to cancel the tour and we will bring you back to the hotel directly. In this case you have to pay the full price.

  • We are not responsable for an damage on your personal stuff.

  • We are not responsable for any injuries by your own mistake. There is always a risk during any of the excursions.